Other Websites and Useful Links

This page contains links to other websites that present useful content.

Tara Brach's Resources for Working Mindfully with Pain

This link will take you to a page of resources, talks, and meditations created and complied by meditation and mindfulness teacher and psychologist Tara Brach.

Rick Hansen, PhD

This link will take you to Rick Hansen's website which is loaded with lots of good information. videos and podcasts.

Dr. Hansen is the author of several books including Buddha's Brain and Hardwiring Happiness.

Get Self Help

This site, which is focused on tools and information relevant to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), contains a vast collection of downloadable worksheets and forms as well as many useful essays, MP3 recordings, and educational videos.

Information on the Topic of Microaggression

Dr. Sue's Microaggression Video Primer

What exactly is a microaggression?

Counterpoint: The Trouble with "Microaggressions."