New Psychotherapy Client Intake Forms

If you are a new psychotherapy/counseling patient with our clinic, you have already submitted the Application for Services form, we have agreed to initiate services and have scheduled an initial appointment, we will ask that you next complete our Registration form, New Client Questionnaire, Outpatient Services Agreement form, and Telehealth Services Informed Consent form and that you bring all 4 of those completed forms to your first appointment. We also encourage you to read the our Notice of Privacy Practices form as well as the Notice of Right to a Good Faith Estimate form.

Please be aware that you can also complete all of these forms while you are at our offices if you prefer. Printing them from this site and completing them prior to your first appointment will, however, allow us to use our time during our first appointment more efficiently.

Application for Services.pdf
DCPC New Client Questionnaire.pdf
Outpatient Services Agreement and Informed Consent Form.pdf
Telehealth Services Informed Consent Form.pdf
Notice of Privacy Practices.pdf
Map to Office.pdf
Registration Form.pdf
Notice of Right to Receive a Good Faith Estimate of Expected Charges.pdf