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About Dr. Davis

I am a Montana native, born in Butte, raised mainly in Great Falls, and I have been living and working in Missoula now for about 10 years.
I did my undergraduate work and also earned a Master's Degree in Experimental Psychology at Montana State University in Bozeman.   I received my PhD degree in Professional Psychology with specialization in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology in 1990.  

My professional activities include:
            • Psychotherapy for a range of issues including chronic pain, health-related anxiety, other forms of anxiety, depression, & stress-related issues using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Transdiagnostic, Hypnotic, Biofeedback, and Mindfulness-focused interventions.
            • If you would like to learn about my treatment philosophy please click here
            • Psychological evaluations/examinations (also limited to adults) focused on criminal and civil forensic issues, Independent Psychological Examinations, and parental capacity examinations.  
            • Public speaking
            • Note that I travel to Great Falls to perform psychological evaluations but I do not work with psychotherapy clients in Great Falls.
I returned to full-time private practice in March of 2016 after serving as the Director of the Pain School program at the Providence Health & Services St. Patrick Hospital Montana Spine & Pain Center (MS&PC) for the previous 8 years. Prior working at the MS&PC, I had been in private practice in Great Falls for about 15 years.

I am the author of How to Relax: Enhancing your Physical and Mental Health through the Art of Inner Self-Regulation and of Pain School: Everything You Need to know about Persistent Pain and How to Manage it.

I have taught undergraduate and graduate level classes at several universities over the years, have made numerous presentations at professional workshops and conferences, and am currently an affiliate faculty member of the Psychology Department at the University of Montana.

To view or download a copy of my Vita please click here.